TPO++ currently supports the following platforms and compilers:

Platform Compiler Implementation
  egcs$>$2.93.4 KAI C++ MPI Socket
Solaris 2.7 $\surd$ - $\surd$ $\surd$
Linux $\surd$ - $\surd$ $\surd$
Unicos/Cray - $\surd$ $\surd$ -

Get TPO++ from ftp::// tpo/tpo.tar.gz and unpack the distribution with gzip -dc tpo.tar.gz | tar xfv -. Change into the TPO directory and run ./configure. configure recognizes several options, decsribed below:

Enables KAI C++ compiler
Choose the communication mechanism. <comm> can be set to mpi or socket. If you are using MPICH, set the environment variable MPICHHOME to the base directory of your MPICH installation. Alternatively, you can provide -with-mpich=<path to mpich> to configure. This also implies -with-comm=mpi.
Enables TPO++ debugging modes
Enables optimization.

After configuration type make to build the TPO++ system. Note that TPO++ requires GNU make (version 3.76.1 has been tested).

The source of TPO++ is contained in the directory src. TPO++ provides a collection of tests contained in test. You can run the tests with cd test; make test. More example applications can be found in examples. TPO++ documentation is contained in doc.

Patrick Heckeler 2007-05-31